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The Sky's Dustbin




"In The Sky's Dustbin, vibrant details lead us easily into something that's part magical realism, part magic for realists. Everyday events read like parables here, though, as in life, their meanings are layered, turn this way and that, refuse us comfort, closure. Espano handles weighty topics with a skill and urgency that announces that this is indeed a noteworthy debut." -- Alpay Ulku


Audio Chapbook The Skys Dustbin.jpg
The Sky's Dustbin, Audio Album

Audio Chapbook, EAT POEMS #14

Producer and Editor, Mark Ari

Listen to Katherine Espano reading a selection of her poems from her full-length collection, The Sky's Dustbin. The printed book with the entire collection can be purchased through common retailers or directly from the publisher, The Bitter Oleander Press.

The Infinity Bloom



"The Infinity Bloom takes social change on a macro level and reduces it to the microcosm of a single individual's life and the ripple effects of her choices. Action is swift, intrigue builds as the truth comes out in bits and pieces, and readers are immersed in a complex story that examines how adult identity is shaped, how children are changed, and how a strange new world is born via social, scientific, and political manipulation." -- Midwest Book Review

A plant has been discovered with mirrored petals, a plant so exquisite that countless people keep one on their windowsills, the blooms a shifting mix of color. The infinity plant is famous for reflecting the viewer’s eye, and also blamed for a mysterious change in children’s personalities across the globe. Many believe adults are also changing, but that they are able to hide their true nature, living among unwitting family and neighbors who trust them.


In this treacherous new world, Anna Purnell is an artist who obsessively paints a field of wildflowers, one she believes exists only on her canvases. When an unknown person leaves a photograph for Anna to find, she is discomfited by the picture’s striking similarities to her paintings. The field is real, but she cannot remember when or where she saw it. As options narrow in a country now governed under martial law, Anna seeks help from a scientist who is studying the infinity plant, a man with close connections to the new regime. She must navigate both the dangerous world of the present and the murky memories of her own childhood.


In the spirit of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, Katherine Espano’s suspenseful novel explores family ties, the limits and resilience of love, and ultimately, the choices we make that shape us.

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