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Midwest Book Review's review of The Infinity Bloom

I just received my first editorial review for my newly-released novel, The Infinity Bloom. The full commentary by D. Donovan, senior reviewer for the Midwest Book Review, is available in the September 2016 issue.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

"The Infinity Bloom takes social change on a macro level and reduces it to the microcosm of a single individual's life and the ripple effects of her choices. Action is swift, intrigue builds as the truth comes out in bits and pieces, and readers are immersed in a complex story that examines how adult identity is shaped, how children are changed, and how a strange new world is born via social, scientific, and political manipulation. This chilling message for modern man appears in a powerful thriller that's hard to put down, filled with many thought-provoking twists and turns as it examines the limits of power and the wisdom in striving for a longer lifespan."

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